How do we pay for the photo booth? Are we charged for each photo strip?

We charge by the hour for our services, which includes all the pictures your guests can take, a separate copy for every guest in the booth, and a USB with a copy of every single photo and every photo strip for the host of the party.
We also accompany the booth at every event, and are there to ensure smooth operation of the equipment, as well as encourage your guests to take part in the fun!

Do you offer a scrapbook option? How does that work?

Yes we do! For an additional charge we provide the scrapbook, scrapbook table, markers, an extra copy of every photo taken in the booth, and an extra attendant to oversee the table.  We encourage your guests to sign or write a special message in the book next to their picture.

What are the dimensions of your photo booth?

Our open-air booth can be as big or as small as the space provided.

Our enclosed photo booth is 5 ft wide by  x 5 ft deep and stands a little over six feet tall. Including our work table, we need a total space of ten by five feet.

How do my guests obtain their pictures?

Upon exiting the booth, within a matter of seconds, our attendant hands a photo strip to everyone in the picture!

What kind of props do you have?

We have a wide variety of fun props, including hats, masks, glasses, and more! The weirder, the better! We’re always adding new and wild props.

Are you able to use our wedding/ party colors to personalize our photo strips?

Definitely! We will get as close as possible to any colors used in your event, and can also upload any digital image onto the header of your strips. Your photo strip and touchscreen designs will be customized to your liking, by Amy Braz, the owner.


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